Austin Peace Academy has a very challenging Physical Education program. Our Physical Education is lead by Ms. Emily Lejeune. Emily graduated magnum cum laude in Exercise Sports Science with a minor in Biology from Texas State University.

Most students at APA take PE twice per week. Organized physical education is required of the elementary students. The goal is to keep the students active for an entire period. PE is not recess. In the elementary grades it is a time for students to participate in organized “play” with specific educational goals in mind. These goals include fundamental movement skills, spatial awareness, and proper form with regard to basic skills.Students are also expected to learn the basics of nutrition, cooperation, self-control, rules, and of course the fun of athletic participation.

The middle and high school program is more rigorous. While attempting to instill those same qualities as the elementary students Ms. Emily conducts workouts such as running and stretching exercises, learning the rules of team sports, and challenging the students to make exercise a part of their daily lives. PE is an elective in the high school; however, students must earn 1.5 credits in order to graduate.

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