Hifz Program

Austin Peace Academy students have the option of partaking in the standard Arabic and Islamic  Studies curriculum or to select the more rigorous Hifz program. Students must be approved for admission into the Hifz program, exhibiting a dedication to the memorization of the Holy Qur’an. With the aid of a trained and certified hifz teacher, the student spends time learning the verses and the
proper pronunciation. As the student progress through Middle school they are able to complete an average of 11 Juza in a span of two with APA’s Hifz program. Students average memorizing 3- 4 juz a year . Students show impressive improvement over the course of a year in memorization and start absorbing the verses and chapters more readily. 

While attending the Hifz Programs, students also study core secular subjects and are able to complete the hifz and graduate from Austin Peace Academy.