The APA uniform is part of our mission to instill Islamic values and etiquette among our students. The uniform has been carefully chosen to create community spirit, equality, personal modesty and a focus on academic achievement. School uniform must be worn every school day, except on special occasions, which will be announced by the school administration. Parents, please help us maintain the highest standards by ensuring that students arrive at school clean, neat, well-groomed and dressed in a manner that conforms to the uniform rules listed below.

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Remember only items on the uniform guide are approved, anything else is not part of school uniform.

Lower School: Boys

Lower School: Girls

Middle School: Boys

Middle School: Girls

Upper School: Boys

Upper School: Girls

Middle and Upper School students need a change of clothes for PE and should follow the PE uniform guide tables below.

P.E. uniform guide for Grades 6 – 12: Boys and Girls

Always check the uniform guide before you buy. Only items listed on the uniform guide are approved; anything else is not school uniform.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office.