The responsibilities of the Austin Peace Academy School Board: affirming and upholding the Mission & Vision of the School; establishing school policies; selecting the Head of School; approving campaign goals for annual giving and special capital campaigns, and approving the annual budget.

School Board Members

  • Br. Amer Hammoud
  • Br. Rakan Smadi
  • Sr. Alvia Ahmad
  • Br. Allam Steitieh
  • Sr. Hawama Sattar
  • Br. Asim Khan

The school is governed by a school Board .To download the latest version of the School Board Charter, click here.

We recognize that no document can be perfect and no amount of time is sufficient. We are open to suggestions and comments from the community and parents. If you have suggestions to improve the charter, please contact ICGA Board of Trustees and we will consider all such input during the next charter review cycle, Insha-Allah.

Jazak Allahu Khairun,
The ICGA Board of Trustee 

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