Religious Studies Program

The Religious study program at Austin Peace Academy progresses from a focus on manners and love of
God and Islam at the lower level to developing an understanding of how to deal with everyday issues
from a Muslim perspective at the Middle School and on to more in-depth tafseer (Qur’anic exegesis),
fiqh (jurisprudence), and Prophetic history at the Upper School level. 

APA aims to best prepare its Muslim students with the tools to navigate the world and  have a strong Islamic identity. We hope to accomplish these goals through consistent instruction in three basic areas Islamic Studies, Qur’an, and Arabic Language ( ISAQ) and through the creation of an environment conducive to the promotion of Islamic values and beliefs. 

Students from other religious or non-religious background are not required to attend any of the religious classes or adhere to any of the Islamic activities in lieu of that they can select an elective class for character development and mindfulness classes.