Islamic Video Overview 2015

  • Post published:June 26, 2020
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As we mark the end of 2015 would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous donors for their continuous support and encouragement.

As Muslims living in this country we can sense the real danger of media and how people are brainwashed to hate people they have never met. Much of this comes from fear that is rooted with ignorance, and the only way to counter it is with knowledge.

Being a successful Islamic school stands on an institution’s ability to balance two goals: offering students a rigorous academic plan rooted in critical thinking and analytic thought and providing them with the firm footing in their Islamic faith and identity to be able to navigate and contribute positively to the Muslim American narrative.Austin Peace Academy takes this task seriously and continuously improves its approach to better serve its students. Watch the following video to learn more about APA’s Islamic Studies Program Video.