Some of the most critical learning on the APA campus takes place in the brightly-colored preschool classrooms. It is there that our school’s youngest students learn everything from the alphabet to social skills 

Austin Peace Academy’s Pre-K program gives children a head start in kindergarten and beyond. Each teacher is highly responsive to every child’s ability and stage of development.

The classrooms are print-rich environments and there is a strong emphasis on books and developing an appreciation for reading. Exciting activities are planned to reinforce concepts, align with curriculum, and support hands-on learning. The facilities offer a beautiful outdoor shaded play area for students to investigate, explore, and appreciate nature.  


The Pre-K program focuses on the “whole child.” We work to develop each child’s social, physical, emotional, and academic learning.


We believe investing in Austin Peace Academy Preschool program is a worth Investment

Info for Parents

We’ve compiled information to answer prospective families’ top questions about Heritage Preschool including typical schedules, class sizes and more.