The Preschool program is a space filled with love and laughter, dedicated to nurturing the whole child, and allowing to learn about and understand the world through play and exploration, with gentle guidance along the way.

Austin Peace Academy offers two levels in the Pre-School Program: Pre-K3 and Pre-K4. The minimum requirements for enrollment are for the child to be fully potty-trained and at least 3-years-old at the time of admission.

Pre-K3 – Students who turn 4 after September 1st will be placed in the  Pre-K3 group.

Pre-K4 – Students who turn 4 before September 1st can be placed in the Pre-K4 group based on the child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual level. 

Students arrive at 8:15am and start centers. The day progresses with, welcome and pledges, calendar, phonics/reading readiness, recess, small motor skills, printing, math, Quran, lunch, and recess.  Students then have , rest time, snack time, enrichment time (science, social studies, themed activities), and story time. Dismissal is at 2:50pm. 

Children can bring their lunch or order a lunch. Lunch will be taken into the classroom. 

Preschoolers are asked to bring a healthy fruit break snack for the classroom. Examples of what to bring include fresh fruits and veggies, crackers, cheese. (No gummy bears or fruit roll-ups.) Snacks will be eaten in the afternoon. 

We have naptime for children who stay for full day preschool. Children are invited to rest for 1-1.5 hours. Children are encouraged to bring a blanket or snuggly from home. 

We follow the conscious discipline model that teaches children to self-sooth and resolve conflict by using their “big voice” to share and get along.

Parents may walk their children into the classroom for the first week of school. After that, teachers need about a month to establish routines before introducing helpers into the classroom. Parents must go through a volunteer process online, and then the teacher will invite volunteers on an as needed basis.

Parent Teacher Conferences are held in October, but parents are encouraged to connect with teachers anytime throughout the year.