Giving back to community is a central tenet of the Muslim faith. Our Community Service Program allows students to use their skills and stations in life to positively impact the world through service work. The program is an experience that helps transform Austin Peace Academy students into engaged and  compassionate global citizens and motivates them to be the change they know will make the world a better place. 

The APA Community Service program empowers each student to understand the experience and responsibility of helping others. The program, based on the works of Mercy, inspires students to carry vision of APA. As students discover, respond to and become more personally involved with the needs of others, they learn that service is a privilege and an opportunity for growth.

Students can engage in service work both on- and off-campus. Examples of places in include food pantries, nursing homes, hospitals, parishes, animal shelters, and community resource centers. We encourage students to seek out opportunities in which they can use their talents to help others; for example, students who excel in English can tutor children in an underfunded school. However, we also encourage students to engage in service work that challenges their ways of thinking and allows them to grow through stretchingthemselves.