Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) State Championship 2015

APA won first place at the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament in Houston, TX!

Austin Peace Academy participated in the annual Muslim Interscholastic Tournament in Houston, TX over the April 18th weekend.Over 700 students from 30 schools made the trek to Houston to compete in 27 different events ranging from Qur’an and Knowledge to Math and Science Fair to Arts and Nasheed. The theme of this year was “Sincerity”, so every  group project had to be tied to this particular theme.

For the third year, Alhamdulillah, Austin Peace Academy placed as top overall school for the weekend. Mashallah, not only did we place first place as sweepstake school where we accumulated 180 points, in all humbleness, we broke the house. The second place school was at 100 points.

Thank you to the coaches who helped prepare students for the events and to the chaperones. Many thanks to all the staff coaches that helped and accompanied the team to Houston.

Individual Categories

Knowledge and Qur’an

  • Knowledge Test Two – First Place: Balqees Abu Shanab (Freshman)
  • Knowledge Test Two – Second Place: Swaiba Hamid (Senior)
  • Knowledge Test Two – Third Place: Ayesha Abu Shanab (Junior)
  • Knowledge Test Two – Fourth Place: Hifza Hamid (Senior)
  • Knowledge Test Three – First Place: Duriba Kan  (Junior)
  • Qur’an Level 1: Girls – First Place:  Razan Hussein (Sophomore)
  • Qur’an Level 1: Girls – Third Place:  Amnah Ansari (Senior)
  • Qur’an Level 2: Girls – First Place: Marim Eid (Senior)

Writing and Oratory

  • Original Oratory – First Place: Razan Hussein (Sophomore)
  • Original Oratory – Fourth Place: Nadine Aljamal (Sophomore)
  • Extemporaneous Speaking – Fourth Place: Ilsa Siddiqui (Sophomore)
  • Poetry Spoken Word – First Place: Samir Riad (Junior)
  • Poetry Spoken Word – Third Place: Amnah Ansari (Senior)
  • Debate – Fourth Place: Yahya Kamara (Senior


  • 3D Art – Third Place: Yusif Shalab (Junior)
  •  3D Art – Fourth Place: Hadeel Aljoubori (Freshman)
  • Fashion Design – Second Place: Yasmine Kerkiz (Senior)
  • Graphic Design – Fourth Place: Arifeen Saeed  (Sophomore)

Group Projects

Science Fair —

  • First Place: Ilsa Siddiqui (Sophomore), Zaina Thakur (Sophomore)

Scrap Book –

  • First Place: Aisha Dadani (Senior), Saida Noor (Junior)

Business Venture —

  • Second Place: Maryam Khawar (Freshman), Abdullah Al-Emoush (Freshman), Arian Noor (Freshman), and Nabeela Naeem (Sophomore).

Social Media —

  • Second Place: Duriba Khan (Junior), Abu- Zayd Abdullah (Sophomore), and Anisse Boumaraf (Sophomore).

Improv Boys —

  • Second Place: Saood Altaf (Junior), Anisse Boumaraf (Sophomore), Ryad Nahas (Sophomore), Abdullah Al-Emoush (Freshman), and Arian Noor (Freshman)

Improv Girls —

  • Second Place : Amnah Ansari (Senior), Saida Noor (Junior), Duriba Khan (Junior), and Nabeela Naeem (Sophomore).

Short Film —

  • Third PlaceSamir Riad (Junior), Saood Altaf (Junior), Ayoub Kajjaj (Junior), Ali Kouzayha (Sophomore).

Community Service —

  • Third PlaceAisha Dadani (Senior), Saida Noor (Junior), Nada Elessawy (Sophomore), Razan Hussein(Sophomore), Amal Mahmood(Freshman), Hadeel Aljoubori (Freshman)

Sisters Nasheed —

  • Third PlaceNada Aljamal (Senior ), Amnah Ansari (Senior), Yasmine Kerkiz (Senior), Aya Ayadi (Junior), Nadine Aljamal (Sophomore), and Rumaisa Siddiqui (Freshman).

Brothers Nasheed —

  • Fourth Place: Ryad Nahas (Sophomore), and Anisse Boumaraf (Sophomore)

Sisters Basketball —

  • First Place: Nada Aljamal (Senior), Amnah Ansari (Senior), Hifza Hamid (Senior), Swaiba Hamid (Senior), Aysheh Abushanab (Junior), Aya Ayadi (Junior), Saida Noor (Junior), Abeer Abuzaher (Sophomore), Nadine Aljamal (Sophomore), Balqees Abushanab (Freshman).
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