Annual In-School Science Fair

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

Dear Parents,

Insha’Allah this reaches you in the best of states and health.

This month, Austin Peace Academy hosted its annual in-school Science Fairs. As with every year, the young scientists and engineers impressed the judges with their projects and presentation skills, mashaAllah.


For Elementary students, only those who placed 1st through 4th qualify to participate at the Austin Regional Science Fair.  For Middle and High School, any interested students can register to participate, regardless of placing in the in-school fair, and are encouraged to do so.  Many times, students who did not place at the in-school fair will place at the RegionalFair.  The Austin Regional Science Fair takes place on February 21-24 at the Palmer Events Center.

JazaakumAllahu khair to our wonderful alumni, parents, and community members for volunteering as our judges.  A special thank you to our science fair heads, Nahed Abougalala and Nadeyah Baddour.

Congratulations to the winners!
3rd Grade
1st: Batool Hussein
2nd: Ali Siddiqui
3rd: Rayan Hirzallah
4th: Usman Ghani
4th Grade:
1st: Mohamed Feroz
2nd: Arham Saeed
3rd: Aayan Ghani
4th: Nayef Khan
5th Grade:
1st: Waleed Haider
2nd: Zuhayr Khondker
3rd: Imran Abdullah
4th: Yusef Hammoud
6th Grade
1st: Mujtaba Khan
2nd: Danyaal Mahmood
3rd: TasnimAliyu
4th: Ayaan Karim-Ali
7th Grade
1st: Ayman Mahfuz
2nd: Haroon Amanullah
3rd: Taha Taha
4th: MaryamAdnan
8th Grade
1st: Aseel Rawashdeh
2nd: Jabir Ubaydullah
3rd: Alisha Saeed
4th: Zayd Steitieh
9th Grade
1st: Ayla Saeed
2nd: Saffiyah Haider
3rd: Fatima Khawar
4th: Nora Boumaraf
10th Grade
1st: Wajiha Masroor
2nd: Hafsa Haider
3rd: Sama Hirzallah
4th: Rushmia Hoq & Varisha Masroor
Congratulations to all participants who committed themselves to developing a science fair project and executed it to completion.
JazaakumAllahu Khair,
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