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English as a Second Language (ESL) program

Welcome to English as a Second Language (ESL), a division of Austin Peace Academy . We are a full-service school providing intensive language skill training for students whose first language is not English. ESL has helped thousands of students gain the English proficiency they needed to succeed in top American universities and businesses.

Learning English is an essential requirement for success both at school and for further education, training and employment for students who speak a language
other than English as their first language.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program aims to develop ESL students’ English language competence and improve their learning outcomes throughout the curriculum to a level where they can fully participate in school and independently pursue further education and training.

ESL education is provided in Austin Peace Academy. In the school, ESL programs are delivered in a variety of ways to meet the different needs of ESL students at different stages of learning English. They include intensive and post-intensive English language support to ESL students. In planning and programming for ESL instruction, the school prioritises the needs of the ESL students and determines the most effective way to manage the program within the available teaching resources.

English as a Second Language (ESL) courses provide English language learners with life skills and the opportunity to improve speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary development and grammar.

Austin Peace Academy offers offers three types of classes:

• Foundational
• University Bridge
• English in Context
• ESL Writing for Intermediate Students

Class levels range from Beginner to Advanced. These classes prepares the student for Tofel exams

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ESL Class Hours

Morning ESL Classes

Afternoon ESL Classes


For further infomation and registartion check with the main office at 512-926-1737

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