Islamic Studies Character Program

Islamic Studies and Character Development

images-3The Islamic Studies program at Austin Peace Academy progresses from a focus on manners and love of Allah at the Elementary level to developing an understanding of how to deal with everyday issues from a Muslim perspective at the Middle School and on to more in-depth tafseer (Qur’anic exegesis), fiqh (jurisprudence), and Prophetic history at the High School level.

APA aims to best prepare its students with the tools to navigate the world after they leave Islamic school and to have a strong Islamic identity. Furthermore, as part of a school-wide initiative, APA joined the Legacy of Giving to bring character development to life on campus. The school focuses on a different character trait each month, bringing forth ahadith (narrations of the Prophet, peace be upon him) and verses from the Qur’an to remind each other. Students also engage in school-wide projects for charity.

In the past three years, APA students raised funds for Syrian refugees, sorted donated clothing, held canned food drives for local pantries, and many other philanthropic activities.As a further testament to the outstanding character of our students, APA received the Sportsmanship and Best Character Award at MIST-TX 2014.

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